LadderAnchor Ladder Holder: Climb No More to Help

[Abstract] Ladder Anchor increases the friction by increasing the area of ​​the ladder feet, making the ladders more stable and less slippery. This is a safer place to stand on the ladder.

Mangofish home warm men don't forget to be safe when they climb up and down to show their superb ability.

Did you know that more than 160,000 accidents caused by ladders occur every year!

Over 300 of them will be injured!

The heights are not overwhelming, but once it falls, it is not a minor injury!

Mom really scared the baby!

In order to make it easier for men to please their wife/girlfriend, do her husband/boyfriend’s responsibility

This young Joe Losito had invented an artifact that prevented accidental slipping of the ladder.

Use it really is a hundred rest assured that his wife will say you fly it! (Or men understand men more!)

Top Engineering Men's Aura

Xiaoge first analyzed the main reason why the ladder slipped

That is, the area of ​​the ladder foot is too small, resulting in insufficient friction.

Once the ground contacted is somewhat smooth, the risk factor rises linearly

After finding the source of the problem, Joe Losito invented LadderAnchor.

Is a large piece of adjustable skid plate fixed on the ladder support it!

Looks like it is not difficult at all (but I don't understand physics)

The contact area is big and it's slippery and slippery

what? Still feel unstable?

Let his wife stand up!

If it is a soft mud surface

Although the friction is large enough, it is easy to be unstable and the ladder will fall!

Of course, the younger brother also considered it!

Another clever aspect of LadderAnchor is that the adjustable skid plate can be turned over.

The spike-like structure will deeply plunge into the earth and it will be as stable as on the concrete floor.

How much is the home necessary artifact?

LadderAnchor is already on the KickStarter.

Early bird prices as long as 39 US dollars (about 268 yuan)!

Men who want to be praised by their wives are still waiting?

Source: KickStarter

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