How to build a RAZER Raphe mouse pad

The original mouse pad began to appear difficult to remove dirt for a long time, as a mild patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder, must change the "dirty" mouse pad.

Everyone will be curious about where the "Razer" mouse pad was bought, and we will slowly decompose it.

It can be seen that the middle of the two mice is obviously dark and can no longer be removed by normal means.

There are some black wear in the middle

To reveal the true colors of the mountains

That's right, its real body is a Radtopad MAX aluminum mouse pad

Radium (Rantopad) MAX aluminum mouse pad - fog silver 149 yuan Jingdong direct link

You can see that after using it for a period of time, the place where the mouse slides has worn out, so there is a starting carbon fiber Razer mouse pad.

In the light is very obvious, has exposed the metal color

So how do we create a "Razer" magic mouse pad it?

First of all, you need a hard mouse pad, whatever style you like, then a chameleon wrap and a Razer original magic sticker

The chameleon color film for cars can display different colors under different angles and lights. We can use it to change anything

Chameleon color film _ Taobao search Taobao search is the most intelligent commodity search engine, through the operation of big data, accurate understanding of goods and users, providing accurate personalized search experience. Direct links to

We tear the back film and stick the front of the mouse pad on the adhesive surface of the color film

Use your fingers to press the outline of the mouse pad out of shape

Then ask us our utility knife. This kind of knife is very easy to use. It is much more profitable than an ordinary utility knife.

Discard the excess color film along the edge of the mouse pad

After finishing

You can see there are some extra flashes on the edges. We use the utility knife to finely trim it again.

Change color film finish

Finally, we took out the Lei Xi Symphony Sticker that was prepared in advance, and it also emitted different colors under different angles.

Finished physical map

LOGO detail

It is still very harmonious with the mouse. No influence on the positioning of the cursor

If the wear of the hard mouse pad is similar to that of the landlord, try it yourself and put on a new outfit for the mouse pad!

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