Google's "good heart" pushes VR classroom education project but is questioned by education experts is marketing

Earlier, it was reported that Google hopes that children will enjoy the benefits of virtual reality in the process of growing up. Therefore, the search engine giant promised to bring this technology to one million students in the UK.

This time, led by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the first time he has visited the UK since he took office, the company will use its ExpediTIons programme to let teachers take their students on a virtual field trip in a comfortable classroom.


To support virtual reality applications, the Google Adventure team will visit Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Newcastle and Inverness in the coming months to provide an attempt for children who may have never experienced virtual reality. opportunity.

However, such a seemingly educational project has been criticized by some education experts. According to recent media reports, some experts believe that this project provides virtual drugs – immersing millions of young people in the illusory three-dimensional world, away from traditional classroom teaching and decentralizing actual learning time.
In addition, critics worry that this new move will only intensify competition between Google, Microsoft and Apple, bringing their products into the classroom, affecting students using one system rather than another, or winning profitable A school contract funded by a taxpayer.

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