What are the applications of cloud computing in smart homes?

In the age of smart homes, cloud computing technology will become an important technical support. For smart homes, all its functions are built on the cornerstone of the Internet and mobile Internet. It can be said that Zhitai’s home is an IoT subsystem that collects relevant information through various types of sensors and analyzes these information. , feedback, to achieve related functions. Smart home has a huge hardware group. Every hardware has no data and no data is collected. These huge data include not only basic user information, but also audio and video information, such as remote video surveillance and remote dialogue.

This requires storage devices with large enough capacity. At present, ordinary storage devices are difficult to keep up with the growth rate required for data storage, and there is a danger of data storage data being lost. Once critical data is lost, it is very likely to cause great Loss. "Cloud" came into being. Cloud computing can centralize huge data resources and realize automatic management. Users can apply for some resources anytime and anywhere. Building a "cloud home" can not only achieve more precise and rapid control of home equipment, but also allow users to obtain better cloud services while making management and maintenance costs even lower.

In addition, cloud computing has become a core driving force for smarter home applications. The smart home system platform built with the organic combination of the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology integrates all the computer resources and storage resources that can be integrated through cloud computing to jointly handle the requests of the globalized smart home business, and flexibly expands the corresponding requirements through on-demand use. Computing resources and storage resources, combined with Internet of Things resources, to a certain extent solved the problem of islands of information in the development of smart homes. In addition, the service elasticity of cloud computing can also be a good solution to people-to-person links and communication problems as well as family service fees.

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