Steam's popular game "Overkill VR" big update

In the process of the game, there is no stuck and unsmooth situation. The combination of firearms is indeed very much, and the enemy is rather stupid. The types of enemies are crispy small soldiers, officers with a lot of blood, two snipers, various sizes of mechs, and so on. "Overkill VR" on the Steam is priced at 68 yuan, relatively expensive.
This game has been well received by most users on Steam, and the game team has updated it to improve the game. In this update, some bugs were fixed and it was able to support Oculus Touch.
It is understood that in the v1.04 version of the update, users can create their own mixed reality games, which is very popular among VR developers, used to show their own project works.


If you are an Oculus user, don't worry if this game is compatible with the touch controller. Because Overkill VR was also included in the list of 50 games by Oculus.

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