Anti-human operation also has spring - SONY Sony A25 contrast degree X3

For HiFi enthusiasts, spending money on equipment is no more than a normal matter. It is not an exaggeration to spend a few thousand dollars on an MP3 in time. When you are still burning, you often wonder that some players are very small. Even if it takes one or two thousand, see more than a few hundred players, always feel that over a thousand is too exaggerated, including later slowly into the burning, are not quite acceptable.

First encounter with the Sony A25 - only an accident, no surprises

However, for the player of the national brick type, it looks good, but the thrust is very strong, and some can push the big ears. Generally, the price is a few thousand or acceptable. For a Sony portable player such as A25, the price is also To more than 1,000, always feel worthless, but on the birthday when her boyfriend also sent one, retired and not retreat, can only say that likes to accept, after opening the night by the light, rose red looked very soo Qi is definitely a digital enthusiast's favorite thing. The workmanship and operation are very flattering.

First encounter X3 - do not buy expensive, only buy right

In fact, before this, he had already started a relatively unpopular player X3, because the amp's home-made equipment is very professional, so I think the player should not be very poor, this player is 15 Years of sale are also new products, styles and operations are also in line with the needs of people now, but with Saunicome is still a little worse, after all, the price difference is half faster. Every day in his pocket, plug in a chilled plug-iron triangle CK10 (has been discontinued for several years, second-hand income), every afternoon in class can sit in the library can listen to an afternoon, the iron triangle has been with the high Frequent scratching of the ear, coupled with X3 more omnivorous.

Anti-human operation also has spring - A25 wins work, X3 wins

When I opened the A25, I saw a thin body and took a sweat. It was half thinner than the X3, but it looked undeniable. I didn't see the A3 before thinking that the X3 was small. After watching the A25, I suddenly felt that the X3 became heavy. Well, almost by the appearance of the A25 was enthralled.


The A25 does not have an on/off button, but there is a HOLD button for locking. After the button is locked, it is useless, so you don't have to worry about putting it in your pocket, you can directly enter the play mode, and then waste electricity. The screen is twice that of the X3. There is a BACK button and an OPTION button below the screen. The back will be used more, and then there is a diamond-shaped up, down, left, and right buttons. The operation is very convenient. Generally, it is familiar with two times. Now.

Compared to the A25, the X3's buttons are somewhat complicated. Although the above are marked, but the operation of anti-human is still a bit awkward, so familiar with the operating habits of X3 after A25 will be very depressed, what is the specific function of the key Should not need to introduce, can look at the specific picture, boot or traditional long press the switch button, the screen is relatively small, watching the screen is not small, but the display part is very small, on the middle point. . . . . . Absolutely let you instantly return to junior high school when using the feeling of MP3.


A25 and X3 use the CD texture, but the A25 is very delicate and art, X3 rough some of the texture to see more obvious, the color of Sony has always been a bold color, bright and lively fashion sense, and X3 low-key low-key low-key, Both are small and portable in size, and there is not much difference.


If you think the thrust is not enough, you can put X3 external amp, X3 has a LINE OUT interface, this alone, there is a higher playability than the A25, and X3 DAC chip is CS4398, the chip's indicators Very high, A25 said that playability may be only Bluetooth, X3 is not Bluetooth, but for the enthusiasts LINE OUT interface is more attractive, if there is a condition to X3 with an amp effect will be very good.

Sound quality:

Contrast with Faye Wong: "In a hurry that year"

From the price point of view, A25's sound quality should be better than X3, after all, the price is more than 400, but the actual sense of hearing is not directly proportional to the price, analytically, A25 is slightly higher than the X3, because the plug is selected iron In the triangle, so there is no pressure when listening to Faye Wong’s songs. The detachment of the vocals and the background music in the rush of the A25 is very good. The vocals are slightly closer and the dyeing is slightly heavy. There is a taste, although the ethereal voice of Faye Wong is not fully expressed, but the feeling of youthful death can still be felt, X3 in the details with the A25 worse than some other aspects of the two are not much difference.

But to tell the truth, for Sony's more than 1,000 pieces of things, the sound quality is still a bit harsh. After all, it's more user-friendly in operation, and the workmanship is also very good. These two points are already worth the price. The A25's thrust is generally ordinary. The plug is still no pressure, suitable for Chinese popular music, big ears is more difficult, X3 if you give it price amp, then it is estimated that you can push some easy to push big ears, but it may be in the volume may look more heterogeneous .

Simple summary:

When holding two portable players, the heart is still very happy. You need to exaggerate some of the outfits and take the A25 out. When you want to listen to the music quietly, bring X3, A25 and X3 are correct. Positioning is not the same, in accordance with the truth that should not be used to compare, but the price gap is too much, the comparison is also to some do not know how to choose the first fire look, choose the first player vocal in the end is outside the table This is mainly based on the personal needs of the main or playable, but these two are suitable for primary burn, like the pro can start. It's true love in the old lazy burning here! !

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