Samsung pushes the world's largest quantum dot 4K TV, no one is better than it.

At the launch of this IFA, Samsung brought a new generation of quantum dot technology TV, and one of the products attracted the attention of the audience. That's right, this KS9800 is a new 88-inch product and the world's largest quantum dot technology 4K Ultra HD TV. In addition to the KS9800, Samsung also released 19 new quantum dot TV products ranging from 43 inches to 88 inches.

Samsung pushes the world's largest quantum dot 4K TV. No one is better than it.

Quantum dots are a display technique that achieves higher brightness by using very small particles, and can greatly improve color accuracy, color saturation, and make HDR images perfect. Samsung's new TV products all support HDR. It seems that Samsung is very optimistic about the prospects of HDR and is very confident in its products.

More importantly, quantum dot technology will not age, and this is why Samsung also introduced a new service term for a 10-year warranty at the press conference.

At the same time, Samsung's new generation of quantum dot TV also has an upgraded version of the Smart TV interface, which can brake the detection system whether it is connected to a set-top box or online streaming service. In addition, the new system also has a built-in Steam Link service, so users can also use the 88-inch KS9800 large screen as a game monitor to experience the fun of streaming games.

At present, Samsung has not announced the specific price and time to market of the new quantum dot TV.

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