The unique advantages of Xiangnong plant protection drone products

1. Efficient and safe: Xiangnong Plant Protection UAV has a fast flight speed, and its scale operation can reach 80-100 mu per hour. Its efficiency is at least 60-80 times higher than conventional spraying; agricultural plant protection drones fly through ground remote control or GPS. Control operation, spraying workers to operate remotely, can avoid the danger of exposure to pesticides and improve the safety of spraying operations.

2 , save water medicine, reduce costs: Xiangnong plant protection drone spraying technology using spray spray method can save at least 30% -50% of pesticide use, the dose and speed show matching, can save 90% of water consumption, very Greatly reduce resource costs.

3. Significant control effect: Xiangnong plant protection drone has the characteristics of low working height, less drift, and hovering in the air. When the pesticide is sprayed, the downward airflow generated by the rotor helps to increase the penetrability of the mist flow to the crop. The effect is good.

4, low cost, easy to operate: Xiangnong plant protection drone overall size is small, light weight, low depreciation rate, easy maintenance; easy to operate, operators can be employed after short-term training; automatic take-off, automatic landing, automatic route flight.   

5, high precision: Xiangnong plant protection drone has dual GPS to increase accuracy, can automatically avoid obstacles, can automatically return to the air, out of control return.

The unique advantages of Xiangnong agricultural plant protection drone products:
● Inclination motor design, the multi-rotor UAV on the market is often parallel to the ground. The experiment proves that the stability of the drone with dip is greatly improved.
● Split-type water tank design, we divide the water tank into a number of connected small spaces, so as to avoid the free movement of the medicine in the water tank to affect the stability of the drone.
● High-efficiency brushless motor design, the power motor of this product is independently designed by our company, using high-efficiency brushless motor, the efficiency is up to 90%.
● Centrifugal pump spray technology, compared with other high-pressure pump structures used in similar products, this technology has the advantages of small volume, good atomization, light weight and extended battery life. (Patented product)

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