Suijing Optoelectronics will face more development opportunities in the list of innovative companies

On June 18th, the National Stock Transfer Company announced the list of preliminary screening enterprises entering the innovation layer. According to the list, the first batch of enterprises entering the innovation layer totaled 920, accounting for only 12% of all listed companies. 833423) is one of them.

Judging from the actual situation of Sui Jing Optoelectronics, the company should enter the innovation layer list in accordance with the standard one. It is not difficult to find the financial statement data of Sui Jingguang. The average net profit of the company's electricity in the past two years is 22.31 million yuan. The weighted average return on equity in the past two years is 21.54% and 24.7%. The yields were 20.87% and 23.25%, respectively. Such performance is in full compliance with the requirements of Standard 1 in the tiered management approach, that is, continuous profit in the last two years, and the annual average net profit is not less than 20 million yuan (based on the calculation of the depreciation before and after the non-recurring gains and losses); The average weighted average return on equity in the last two years is not less than 10% (based on the deduction of non-recurring gains and losses).

According to the data, Sui Jing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-quality backlight LEDs. It focuses on small and medium-sized backlight LED products. The main products include 020, 4014, 7020, 2835, 3030 and other models. Backlight LED device and backlight strip module.

The company has always attached great importance to R&D and innovation. Up to now, it has obtained more than 20 patents and patents. The patent scope covers chips, chips and brackets, phosphors, glues and other fields. With first-class technology and technology, the company's products have obvious advantages in quality, which makes the company's backlight field have a high reputation. The products have been applied in many domestic famous brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, HTC, OPPO, VIVO.

In addition to product quality, quality service is also an important determinant of the continuous increase in the market share of Sui Jing Optoelectronics. In response to the industry's changing "fast" LED application market, the company has established a fast-responding service model. In terms of delivery cycle, the delivery of non-customized products within 1-3 days, the delivery of customized products within 7 days (the delivery time of other companies is usually 1-2 weeks) is delivered.

With a full range of competitive advantages, Sui Jing Optoelectronics' performance has grown very rapidly. In 2015, the company achieved operating income of 214 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44.26%; net profit attributable to listed company shareholders was 27.19 million yuan, an increase of 56.02% over the same period of the previous year.

Some analysts believe that the new three-board tiered system will help solve the problem of information asymmetry of the New Third Board, reduce the decision-making cost of both investment and financing, and also play a positive role for the regulatory layer to establish regulatory standards for the "layer" system. Therefore, The landing of the innovation layer will help promote the entry of incremental funds, especially the participation of private equity institutions and public funds in the future implementation of the market-making policy, which will help to significantly increase the activity of the new three-board market. High-quality companies in the new three boards, such as Sui Jing Optoelectronics, are expected to be discovered and recognized by more investors after entering the innovation layer, which will lead to an increase in the company's valuation.

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