Tencent's video TV service was suspended on June 30. All major application stores have been removed!

Tencent video TV version with Tencent's rich video resources and high-quality use of experience, has always been the installed capacity of smart TV users. In addition to Tencent video, Cloud Audio/Visual Penguin is another name for it. However, today, TV version of Tencent suddenly announced the suspension of service!

Cloud Audio/Visual Penguin Suddenly Suspends Service, Announcement:

Cloud audiovisual. Penguin suspension service
Dear user,
Thank you for choosing Cloud Audio. The Penguin App has been with us for the past year.
In order to strictly implement the relevant national policies and regulations, we decided to upgrade the application server from June 30, 2016 and optimize the operation of this application. Before the service is restored, we will plan and operate new products in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations. We can pay attention to the “Penguin TV” WeChat public number at a specific time, and we will issue a notice of service restoration at the first time. After the service is resumed, we will present a gift package to the old user, and will make an extended compensation for the expiration time of the member user.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this optimization and upgrade and thank you very much for your understanding and support. We will see you later.

At the same time, all major application stores have already left the shelves, that is, in the application store, you cannot find Tencent video TV version (Cloud Audio. Penguin). For example, in the current domestic leading TV application market - sofa housekeeper (), the exact search "TXSP", no relevant search results!

So how do smart TV users watch TV and watch TV on TV? Xiao Bian this gives everyone some recommendations:

1. Pudding video

If you want to see a movie when you are bored, and you don't know what to watch, use pudding video. Pudding Video has the best movie feature in smart TV applications, has experienced movie editors, and has the most fans of movies.

The topic of pudding video is very much, and it is generally very creative and the subject matter is novel. "The story of the film reversal of the plot", "those small film and television dramas in the first three", "a protagonist propped up a movie", these topics a name to feel very interesting. Each topic contains several movies of the same type and can be watched directly via pudding video.

For example, in the “All the Last Leading Desperados” episode, the movie “This killer is not too cold”, “Deadly ID”, “Old Nothing to Go”, “Infernal Affairs” and other word-of-mouth movies are very good, and it is really like a topic name. As said, the protagonists of these films were all killed.

2. Magic video

Magic Video is a very popular video application for sofa butlers, and it is in the top five of the sofa butler movie download list all year round.

Magic video can be in the forefront of the download list all year round, but also because of its own advantages. For example, the magic video is characterized by multiple films and full, magic video resource loading speed is very fast, Xiao Bian in the actual experience kept switching progress, almost no pause load. In addition, the ease of use of the magic video software itself is also very good, in combination we all love to use it.

3. Bee video

In addition to the features and movies that are common in general video applications, the advantage of bee video is that it can be updated more quickly. You can watch some newer movies. Give a chestnut, bees video can now see "Captain America 3".

In addition, the bee video's point system is very interesting. It can accumulate points through various behaviors. Points can be used to watch movies. If you use them regularly, you can form a loop. In addition, bees video currently has a European Cup quiz event, you can participate in the European Cup quiz when you start a bee video, guess right reward points, points can be used to see the movie, we know ~

4. The first movie theater

If your budget is adequate, use the premiere theater. The starting cinema movie is slightly slower than the offline movie theater, but it is completely acceptable.

Films in the first movie theater are counted as money. A movie costs between 3 and 5 yuan. For example, "Crazy Animal City" popping up in word of mouth can be watched at the starting theater for only 3 yuan, if you are a member. In addition, there will be some activities in the first movie theater to earn money, so the average price per movie is not very high. If you have enough budget and do not want to wait, you may as well use it!

5. The ultimate artifact: video Soso

It is not an exaggeration to say that film and television search is the ultimate artifact. Normally, we use a browser to watch movies on a PC. The site does not have to watch movies for a website, but on smart TVs, if there are no movies in the APP, then we can only use other video apps. , and there is no guarantee that the newly downloaded APP will surely have a video to watch.

So, you need a magical tool that is: Soso!

Video Search is a professional TV application search tool that can search for video resources in all TV applications, and lists APPs that can watch the video and provide downloads.

Take a chestnut and search for "the killer is not too cold," the film abbreviation "ZGSSBTL", can get a lot of results, in the first result, video search found that we can use pudding video, CIBN micro-audio And bee video three applications see this movie. In which the pudding video has been installed, it can be started directly through the video search search; CIBN micro video and bee video are not installed, so the icon is dark, but it does not matter, you can download directly through the video search search.

The power of video search is that you only need to install a video search, you can get all the video applications. In addition, we also teach you a little trick to directly search for the video resource you want to see in the sofa butler search box. Under the results of the "Film and television" category, you can also find TV applications that can play the video.

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