Meizu responded to Qualcomm's patent litigation Li Nanfa's "black box"

Last week, Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Meizu for 3G and 4G communications patents, which quickly triggered industry attention, and the outside world also published a multi-angle interpretation of the incident. This afternoon, Mei Nan’s vice president Li Nan held a media communication meeting on Qualcomm’s lawsuit in Beijing. What key points are worthy of attention?

Event review:

On June 24, Qualcomm announced that it had submitted a complaint against Meizu to the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, requesting the court to rule that Qualcomm’s patent licensing conditions for Meizu were in compliance with the provisions of the Anti-Monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China and the fairness of Qualcomm. Reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing obligations. The complaint also requested the court to decide the Qualcomm's patent license conditions for Meizu, which form the basis of the patent license agreement between Qualcomm and Meizu for the Qualcomm China basic patent implemented in the mobile terminal. The aforementioned Qualcomm China basic patents include patents related to 3G (WCDMA and CDMA2000) and 4G (LTE) wireless communication standards.

It is reported that the content of the patent license agreement provided by Qualcomm to Meizu is consistent with the terms submitted by Qualcomm to the China National Development and Reform Commission in 2015 and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. Qualcomm said that Meizu has always lacked the willingness to negotiate a patent license agreement with Qualcomm on the basis of the aforementioned rectification program. At the same time, Meizu continues to unfairly exploit Qualcomm's innovations to expand its business and refuses to pay Qualcomm the cost of using its valuable technology. In sharp contrast, more than 100 Chinese companies have accepted the terms of the above-mentioned rectification program, including the largest Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.

latest progress:

Meizu Technology held a media communication meeting in Beijing on the afternoon of June 28 to respond to Qualcomm’s complaint that Meizu infringed its 3G and 4G patents.

Li Nan, vice president of Meizu Company, presided over the communication meeting, saying that Meizu would actively respond to the lawsuit. At the same time, it claimed that Qualcomm's patent negotiation was like a "black box". The outside world could not see it, and it could not be transparent.

Li Nan: Patent negotiation is a black box

Before the start of the communication meeting, Li Nan, vice president of Meizu Technology, prepared a black box made of plastic for each media in the room.

Meizu responds to Qualcomm patent litigation Li Nanfa's "black box"

After the communication meeting began, Li Nan first admitted that “patents should be protected and should be paid”, but at the same time he is also frank, Meizu’s patents are mainly not in communication technology: “Meizu is not a leading brand of core technology, our patents are mainly Design aspect".

Li Nan said that Meizu has been negotiating with Qualcomm on patent licensing, but the results of the negotiations cannot be made public, as if the black box in the hands of every media: it is there, but you can't make it public. It is impossible for the outside world to know the contents.

The communication will be full, although Li Nan acknowledges the infringement, but his speech is very skillful, and more is to introduce the topic into Qualcomm's unreasonable authorization fee mechanism.

Meizu responds to Qualcomm patent litigation Li Nanfa's "black box"

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