Weekly dynamics (5.23~5.27)|This LED event you must know this week

"2016 (fourteenth) High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum - Opportunities and Trap of LED Globalization will be held on June 9, 2016 at the third floor of Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou. (click for details)

News focus

❶, LED packaging factory expansion of the encroachment of the map, the domestic LED packaging factory competing to expand production, the second half of the war is likely to be triggered. (click for details)

Yan and Foshan promoted supply-side reforms and actively promoted the transformation and upgrading of lighting and other industries.

❸, 2.3 billion yuan of funds raised to account, Mulinsen three fundraising projects bet on packaging and lighting.

❹, Wanrun Technology authorized a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shangshang Optoelectronics, to invest RMB 100 million to build an LED industrial park project.

Market trend

Along with the decline in cost price and the improvement of display effect, the small-pitch LED display industry is showing an explosive growth trend, the commercial market is beginning to break out, and the 100 billion civilian market is about to start. (click for details)

❷, LED filaments win the magic of the market, relying on patents and large-scale production.

❸, intelligent street lights into a breakthrough in the smart city, its large-scale landing will still be a long time.

Hey, India PK China, love each other or detoxify each other? (Click for details)

The era of “plant lighting” is open, and opportunities and challenges coexist. (click for details)

Listed company

❶, Shenzhen Hejun and Suzhou and Zhenghe two funds 330 million to take the 7.1% shares of Ganzhao Optoelectronics.

❷, Ruifeng Optoelectronics invested 2 billion yuan LED expansion and new energy projects started construction in Yiwu Industrial Park.

Yan and Zhou Ming Technology invested 60 million yuan and 100% owned Lanpu Technology.

❹, Xingyu shares and Kayi Automobile signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop LED smart headlamps.

❺, China Investment Fund FGC plans to acquire the German MOCVD plant Ai Siqiang from 670 million euros.

❻, NVC Lighting and the dealer signed a subscription agreement with a net placement of 70 million shares.

❼ and Sanan Optoelectronics intend to invest 12 million yuan to participate in the establishment of investment funds.

❽, three optical acquisition or participation in AIXTRON National Integrated Circuit fund, to accelerate overseas acquisitions.

See overseas

❶, the United States has developed a new plastic light bulb, which has all the advantages of LED lights, is expected to replace LED as a new light source.

❷, 7.8 billion US dollars, TCL wants to build the world's largest LCD display factory.

照明, Philips' lighting department made an initial public offering (IPO) at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in the Netherlands.

❹, Panasonic plant factory system came out, purple LED lights are favored!

new product release

❶, Guoxing Optoelectronics forges a deep and connotative white light package with a low-key concept.

索尼, Sony has developed a high-quality display technology "CLEDIS" using a fine LED element as a light source, and has released a scalable display system using this technology.

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