Increase the added value of LED to create intelligent lighting

"In the future, there may be explosive growth in general lighting, so in the future it can be foreseen that general lighting is the largest part, and there will be a big growth from 2018."

"The business model of the product should also be combined with the life cycle. What if everyone has LED lights? How to find business in the future?"

The Secretary General of the European Optoelectronic Industry Association Carlos LEE published the above views and doubts in the report "Entering the Third Cycle of LED Development" at the opening ceremony on the 6th.

Different application fields have different application requirements

The LED lighting market is not a very focused market, it is more scattered, because the application of LED lights in each field has different needs. For example, commercial and industrial lighting will consider the total cost and aesthetics, while civilian lighting more considers light quality, light environment and how to use it.

About the penetration rate of the LED industry. At present, the penetration rate of headlights in the automotive industry is still relatively low, and the large penetration rate of the LED industry is the large-scale video display. However, we believe that the penetration rate of LED lights in these different industries will have a green curve in 2012-2020. First of all, you can see the automotive industry, the application of headlights will rise from 1% to 27%.

Standards can better reduce costs

When people go to buy LED products, because they do n’t know what standards can be used for reference, they will choose to buy cheap lamps if they find a cheap lamp. If this lamp breaks down, they will be disappointed and start to hate LED products. It is not very good for LED technology and market. This is not to say that the quality of all products must be the same, but that the consumer should know what he is buying and what expectations he should have for what he buys.

Increase the added value of LED lighting products

Take the mobile phone as an example. Everyone will change their phones frequently. Instead of replacing them, they will add a lot of functions. The same is true for TVs, which are now flat-screen TVs and plasma TVs. Therefore, a product that wants to occupy the market must provide more added value and new functions, which is also true for LED products.

The business model of the product should also be combined with the life cycle. What if everyone has LED lights? How to find business in the future? The process of replacing the incandescent lamp is very simple. I saw some CFL lamps in the hotel. The CO lamp can last 6-9 years. Their light effect is actually good. It is not possible to change it during the life cycle. It is very difficult. Convincing everyone to change the CFL, but it will be easier for everyone to change the incandescent lamp, but the life cycle of the CFL is very long, but what about LED products? Therefore, we must add more added value to the LED products, because people cannot change LED lights directly because the lights are broken, they need more reasons.

At present, we have a lot of integration of lighting and electronics. For example, Apple phones can change the color of the table lamp when there is an Internet connection. This is the best example of the combination of optics and electronics. Therefore, we must fully think about how to make LED not only save energy, but also bring more added value from the perspective of imagination and creativity.

In general, LED revenues have slowed down in 2012, but LEDs are no longer a major development driver for flat panels and backlights. Our focus is on general lighting, but the cost must be reduced by 10 times. If we can do this, we will face an extremely huge profit space and enterprise development space, which is to combine lighting with sensors and ITC into a smart Lighting market.

Regarding the future development prospects of the LED industry, Carlos LEE said: "In the end, how is the current technological development status and future development potential connected? This cannot be solved independently by a company or a country. This requires global collaboration. "


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