The beauty of LED lights for plant lighting

German designer Aust has always been committed to integrating plants into the design of green home products. This time, she combined the lamp and the plant to design this plant lamp of light, which is full of the wisdom of getting along with people.

The transparent glassware is equipped with a conical LED bulb. The green plants around it can rely on artificial light sources for photosynthesis, so they can grow and flourish even in the lack of light. Under the illumination of the lamp, the roots of the whole plant in the water are clearly visible, and a unique decorative effect is additionally formed.

  • Tamper-Resistant: Spring-loaded shutters that close off the outlets to the receptacle. This allows only the metal prongs of a plug to open the shutters and create an electrical circuit. This is an important safety function to avoid children from inserting foreign objects in your outlet such as keys or a hairpin. 
  • Weather-Resistant: Use this outlet anywhere, especially outdoors.


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