McLaren teamed up with Parrot to launch a new networked infotainment system

21ic as the new generation of McLaren "IRIS" infotainment system, the solution will provide new features based on the Parrot ASTEROID infotainment system platform, enabling McLaren drivers to access the best networked applications and services, including :

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· Navigation function: from iNG Primo application software (China market: AutoNavi, Japan market: ItsumoNavi), and provide real-time traffic information free of charge through TMC or 3G/LTE

· Online map and point of interest (POI) search function: reach the designated destination by means of the navigation system

· Internet radio TuneIn brings together radio stations around the world, as well as local AM/FM broadcasts that are listened to by phase modulation.

· Multimedia: play local music files (supports iPod®, USB storage, etc.)

· Web browsing function (not available while driving), the browser can play Java animations and videos

The new generation of "IRIS" systems is equipped with high-performance active echo cancellation and noise reduction algorithms to manage mobile phone calls via a Bluetooth connection. Thanks to the application of speech recognition and speech synthesis technology, the driver can dial the phone directly by saying the name of the contact person. At the same time, the user can also search for the corresponding artist in the available media resources by voice, and support USB local. Resources, broadcast stations received by the TuneIn application, etc.

The new generation of "IRIS" system will adopt the car audio host model designed by Parrot, connect with the car CAN bus (controller LAN) and follow the McLaren vertical center console display, and also add a support smoothing. A new generation of capacitive touch panels with scrolling and gestures The new "IRIS" connects to the Internet via a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi® and 3G/LTE USB network card to connect to the user's smartphone.

Parrot Executive Vice President Eric Riyahi said: "Pinault is proud to work with McLaren to apply this great networked car entertainment information system platform to the McLaren supercar. This system is a popular application. All adopt Android architecture, connect to the Internet through 3G/LTE, and incorporate the Parrot software library to enhance functions, including speech recognition, media playback, telephone communication and audio system, fully satisfying the reliability and compatibility of the car. Safety quality standards require that the new generation of "IRIS" has the highest performance and quality in line with a series of stringent certification standards such as DC-10611/14/15, which is highly recognized by McLaren."

Haydn Baker, head of automotive product line at McLaren Automotive, said: "We are very pleased to work with Parrot to develop a new generation of IRIS infotainment systems to provide our customers with an innovative networked infotainment platform. The high level of collaboration between McLaren and Parrot in this development will help us combine our knowledge and expertise with our innovative ideas to create a truly outstanding product."

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