Air-conditioning washing machine or will increase prices by 10%

Air-conditioning washing machine or will increase prices by 10% From October 1st, five categories of household appliances such as inverter air conditioners, flat-panel TVs, washing machines, air-powered water heaters and range hoods will begin implementing new energy efficiency standards. The home appliance industry estimates that following the implementation of new energy efficiency standards, air conditioners and washing machine products will be the two most affected products, and product prices will increase by about 10%.

According to the new standard, air conditioners will add a new level of energy efficiency requirements. The air conditioners of the primary and secondary energy efficiency will be successively changed to secondary and tertiary levels. The original energy efficiency of the washing machine will be directly reduced to five, and the original two- to five-level products cannot continue to be sold.

Beijing Suning related personage introduction, in the recent period, the air conditioning and the washing machine manufacturer are increasing the promotion intensity to clean up the high energy consumption product, "the air conditioning and the washing machine are basically 8 folds to sell in these days." According to the source, after the implementation of the new energy efficiency standards, air conditioners and washing machine products will rise in price by about 10%, "probably will be three or four hundred dollars more expensive," but due to fierce competition from flat-panel TV manufacturers, air-energy water heaters and range hoods are The first implementation of energy efficiency standards, so the prices of these three types of products will not have large fluctuations.

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