Taiyuan: dealers lack factory support

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Lighting Channel" magazine No. 6 (Total Issue 42) Reporter / Zhan Xiaobo]

When interviewing the Taiyuan lighting market, the reporter learned from the mouths of LED dealers that the dealers represented the LED brand and received little support from the manufacturers.

Manager Liu of Taiyuan Direct Store in Taiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. has been in the LED industry for two years. She saw that LED products are the trend of the future lighting industry. After acting as the agent of Tsinghua Tongfang, it recently represented a lighting product called “Yi Bai Nian” brand. LED products accounted for more than 90% of her stores. She told reporters that the manufacturers did not have any support for them.

Manager Liu Wenbo, who has been operating lamps for seven or eight years, has a 90-square-meter store in Taiyuan Lighting City. His brands include Langeng, TCL, Haohao, etc. The annual sales amount is about 400,000 yuan. He also believes that LED lighting is the trend of the future lighting industry, and is also preparing to choose another brand agent to expand operations and increase sales, but is still waiting to see the status.

When the reporter asked him how the manufacturers supported them, he said in an understatement: "It's okay," but he is not willing to talk about it.

Zhang Junze, manager of Sunshine Lighting, runs a 200 square meter store. He does both engineering lighting, home lighting and commercial lighting. The annual turnover is about 3 million yuan. He told the author that the manufacturers did not have any support policies for them.

Although Guo has entered the LED industry for only two years, she has seen the huge potential and inevitable trend of the LED industry, and is preparing to increase the proportion of LED products in the store this year. At present, the proportion of LED products in its stores has reached 70%, acting as the agent of Jinling Lighting, etc., mainly engaged in household engineering ceiling lamps, downlights, spotlights, commercial lighting and so on. She said that at present, manufacturers can't talk about any support for dealers.

The reporter found that most of the dealers said that the manufacturers did not have any support for them. Even if there is, the dealers are not satisfied with the support of the manufacturers.

Among the dealers who hope that manufacturers will increase their support, dealers who hope to increase advertising investment account for 80%; some dealers have mentioned that manufacturers should hold more promotional activities to support sales.

As an industry terminal, the dealer is the most direct participant in the market for a product. As Ms. Liu, manager of Taili, said: “There are no brands of LED products at present. The LED market is still in a scuffle. If manufacturers want to occupy a place in the future lighting market and make their own brand, they should not be ignored. Support for terminal dealers."

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