Taiwan's small and medium-sized panel demand strong Q2 shipments are expected to increase by 8%

Affected by the traditional off-season in the first quarter, Taiwan's LCD TV shipments in the single quarter were 8.248 million units, with a quarterly decline of 20.6%, and the output value was 2.933 billion US dollars, a decrease of 20.5% from the previous quarter. Looking forward to the performance of the second quarter, the industry said that with the industry The annual new products of various brand manufacturers are listed one after another. It is estimated that the shipments of LCD TVs will increase in the second quarter, and the output value will increase by 10% compared with the previous quarter. The demand for small and medium-sized panels will increase by 8.7%.

In the first quarter of this year, Taiwan's LCD TV shipments and output value declined compared with the previous quarter, and the decline was almost the same as the output. This shows that the average price of Taiwanese manufacturers' products remained stable this season, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of large-size products shipped, offsetting other sizes. The effect of continued price declines.

Looking forward to the second quarter, the industry expects that under the promotion of the new model, Taiwan LCD TV manufacturers will cooperate with the channel distribution, LCD TV shipments are expected to return to the growth track, estimated shipments reached 9.22 million units, the output value is about It was 3.284 billion US dollars, which was about 10% higher than the first quarter.

The total shipments of large-size panels in the first quarter were 52.75 million, a decrease of 14.6% from the previous quarter and a decrease of 0.5% from the same period last year. The total output value of notebook panels was US$4.69 billion, down 16.5% in the quarter, and shipments were down 18% from the previous quarter.

The industry estimates that the second quarter of the large-size panel will benefit from the LCD TV and notebook terminal applications, and the shipment will show a growing trend. With the more control of the inventory control of the notebook panel, it is expected to increase the stocking speed of the panel. Compared with the first quarter, the volume is expected to grow by 10.4%.


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