Three major markets shrink Panasonic's fiscal year 2013 huge loss of 750 billion yen

A few days ago, Matsushita released its 2013 fiscal year annual report. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, Matsushita's revenue fell 7%, with a net loss of 754.25 billion yen ($7.46 billion), compared with a loss of 772.17 billion yen in a previous fiscal year.

"Panasonic is retreating from the rapidly shrinking consumer electronics industry. Panasonic's multi-billion dollar investment in TV panel factories has suffered huge losses due to the dip in TV demand." Industrial economic critic Hong Shibin told reporters that whether it is pay cuts or sell assets They are all "throttle", all in order to enhance the confidence of the outside world, but this is not the root of solving the problem. The depreciation of the yen is conducive to the export of Japanese products, but whether the depreciation of the yen is sustainable and whether Japanese home appliance giants can regain their glory still needs to be observed.

From the contribution of each business segment, compared to the fiscal year 2012, Panasonic flat-panel TVs, BD video recorders, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. have declined to some extent, although the sales of automotive systems and vehicle batteries have increased slightly, digital products revenue Still reduced by 62.92 billion yen.

In terms of regional sales, the shrinkage of the Japanese, Chinese and European markets reached more than 9%. The sales from high to low were Japan (3.8 trillion), the Americas (1.02 trillion), China (0.94 trillion), and Asia (0.88). Trillion, Europe (0.67 trillion), the only increase is the American market, an increase of 6%. At present, the ratio of the Japanese market to the foreign market is close to 1:1 (52:48).

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