The intelligentization of LCD splicing and the road to the future

With the rapid development of China's economy, various kinds of information are also growing rapidly. The amount of information that each enterprise or unit has to watch and monitor is increasing. This urgently requires the terminal display system to develop toward large-scale and high-definition.

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Large screen LCD splicing intelligent

The large-screen LCD splicing display system has the characteristics of large screen and high resolution, and can provide a large amount of information for users. It is welcomed by many industries and departments such as radio and television, public security, transportation, etc., and the LCD splicing curtain wall is regarded as an important large-screen display device. The broadcasting and television is widely used, thereby realizing the function of displaying a large picture by splicing the video wall by a plurality of liquid crystal splicing display units. The future development direction will be toward digital, high-definition and intelligent development.

Digital HD

The current LCD splicing video wall mainly uses composite video interface, VGA interface, DVI interface and other security monitoring common interface technologies, and these interfaces cannot realize 1080p high-definition display. With the development of technology, people urgently need a digital high-definition LCD video wall, while the traditional composite video interface, VGA interface, DVI interface obviously can not meet such requirements.

At present, there are many interfaces for digital high-definition display, such as HDMI interface for TV and new DiiVA interface, but these digital TV-based interfaces are not suitable for the use of security monitoring, such as interface incompatibility, short transmission distance, etc. problem.

The digital high-definition LCD splicing video wall must have high-definition video surveillance with HDTV video quality. Therefore, the proper interface compatible with the existing system is the key to achieving digital high definition. The broadcast-grade monitor adopts the HD-SDI interface, which fully meets the development requirements of digital high-definition, and has the advantages of long transmission distance, interface compatibility, standard basis, plug and play, etc. It is a digital HD video wall of the LCD video wall. Important direction.


LCD TV video wall, the embedded system is more and more powerful, and will incorporate more intelligent design in the future, making the system operation more convenient and faster.

Intelligent first of all is of course system debugging. The LCD splicing video wall is composed of a plurality of liquid crystal splicing units. Since there are differences between the units, it is important to ensure uniform display of unit color and geometry. The traditional approach is to slowly adjust and correct the LCD TV wall by means of equipment and visual inspection. The intelligent design method is to adjust the original complex adjustment process easily and easily through the system function.

Big screen splicing future development

From the above figure, we can clearly see that in the future, under the continuous development of the stitching technology of LCD splicing products, the sales scale will be expected to maintain an average growth rate of more than 30% in 3-5 years, and the proportion of the overall splicing market. It will break through 50% in 2013. In the overall large-screen splicing market, PDP plasma splicing will gradually weaken, and the future growth is small.

The DLP rear projection splicing screen will also be impacted by LCD splicing screens in 2 years, and the sales scale will be reduced to less than 50%. However, the core advantages of LCD splicing in 3-5 years are mainly in the field of information release, DLP in the control room field. Still able to maintain a double-and-male pattern with LCD LCD. Data source Orviet AVC large screen splicing market research report.

At present, in the field of large-screen splicing, DLP, PDP and LCD each have their own advantages, occupying a different market share, showing a situation of three-point world. Although DLP displays as a pioneer in the field of large-screen splicing, DLP technology is facing a strong impact due to the uneven color and brightness of DLP displays, excessive power consumption, and large space occupation.

Although PDP plasma products have made certain progress in image quality, the problems of short-plate burn-in and insufficiency of lifespan have largely restricted the development and popularization of PDP products. Only the appearance of LCD liquid crystal splicing products has caused a huge change in the market structure of large screen splicing. It has the advantages of high definition, wide viewing angle, high brightness and long life, and is quickly recognized and accepted by the market and users.

In the future big screen splicing market, LCD LCD splicing is likely to be the king of the industry and stand out in the fierce competition. In recent years, LCD liquid crystal splicing products have developed rapidly, occupying as much as one-fifth of the market share.

Of course, due to the unsuccessful splicing gap of the liquid crystal splicing product in the splicing process, the bottleneck that is difficult to break through in the process of popularization and application of the high-end industry has been encountered. However, we have reason to believe that when LCD splicing solves the seamless problem, the large-screen display field will fully enter the era of LCD.

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