Zhonghao Optoelectronics: Focus on the improvement of COB “three highs and one low”

[Source: Gaogong LED 's " LED Good Products" magazine April issue (P26) reporter / He Wei]

In just a few years, the price of LED lighting has fallen as fast as a roller coaster ride. From the high-priced goods that the people can't match, it has become a daily necessities placed on the shelves of major supermarkets.

"The price of LED products is falling at a rate of about 20% per year, thanks to the rise of lower-cost COB packaging." Wang Mengyuan, general manager of Foshan Zhonghao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongyi Optoelectronics") He said that his company is one of the first companies in China to take the path of COB professional development. Although COB is no longer a new word today, domestic packaging companies rarely use COB as their company.

The reporter learned that Zhonghao Optoelectronics relies on the research and development platform of Sun Yat-Sen University's Semiconductor Lighting System Research Center and Sun Yat-sen University Foshan Research Institute. Currently, it has a complete LED chip research and development line and the first automatic high-color rendering integrated light source module automatic production line in China. At the same time, the company has "the sapphire substrate GaN material epitaxial growth", "ZnO transparent conductive film epitaxial growth and high-brightness LED chip process" and "high color rendering high-power white LED light source module package" and other key common technical fields The results, as well as nearly forty patents for inventions and innovations, form a series of products with independent technology and cost competitiveness.

Extending technological innovation upstream

"Price decline is inevitable, profit margins are becoming more and more transparent, and the degree of specialization will become the focus of future market competition." Wang Mengyuan pointed out that with the improvement of the overall technical level of the LED lighting industry, the price decline rate brought by the continuous decline in costs It far exceeds the update speed of the technical level, and the packaging companies in the midstream of the industry are facing an embarrassing situation of increasingly meager profits.

Faced with the inevitable trend of market development, packaging companies must further improve and innovate from upstream materials, processes, and chip technologies to control costs, and obtain higher luminous flux and multiple light-emitting angles through scientific and special optical design.

The reporter learned that Zhonghao Optoelectronics and the Foshan Sun Yat-sen University Research Institute have established a close cooperation mechanism between industry, university and research institutes, and jointly established the Zhongda-Zhongyi Semiconductor Lighting Technology Joint Laboratory, which laid the foundation for enterprises to develop new technologies.

"For packaging companies, my feeling is that we can't simply regard ourselves as a simple packaging company, but to strengthen cooperation with upstream and downstream industries." Wang Mengyuan believes that packaging companies can only take the road of specialization. Product positioning High-end LED lighting companies provide high-quality light sources and convenient system solutions. “Only the characteristic market that dominates its own advantages also enables customers' products to be competitive in many brands.”

Based on this, Zhonghao Optoelectronics carried out technical research and development on the epitaxial chip process, aiming to improve the comprehensive performance of COB light source and reduce costs, breaking technical barriers, so as to better support downstream lighting enterprise customers without technical bottlenecks.

Wang Mengyuan revealed that the ZnO transparent conductive film technology developed by Zhonghao Optoelectronics has been successfully applied in the LED chip process. It has complete independent intellectual property rights and is about to enter the market stage. In the future, this technology will be applied to Zhonghao Optoelectronics according to actual needs. In the COB product.

High color light source module

"Market demand is the wind vane of enterprise R&D. At present, we are locking the direction of R&D in how to solve the problems of glare, low color rendering, uneven illuminance and photobiosafety of LED lighting." Wang Mengyuan said that the color rendering index is a measure of light. One of the important indicators of quality, medical research also shows that it is an important indicator to measure whether light is beneficial to protect the eyes and emotional health.

As we all know, LED lighting aims to meet the needs of human psychology and physiology as well as health. Energy-saving and comfortable LED lighting is becoming a mainstream trend in the market.

Usually, it can be said that it is high color rendering when it is above 80, which is the direction that many LED lighting companies are working hard. Wang Mengyuan believes that LED lighting products with a color rendering index of more than 80, especially in areas where humans stay and live for a long time, such as indoor lighting, will become a trend. “In recent years, Zhonghao Optoelectronics has also made research and development on high color rendering index integrated light source modules and achieved certain breakthroughs.”

Unfinished , please refer to the April issue of Gaogong LED 's " LED Good Products" magazine.

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