Wolfson releases cost-effective HD audio hub with SLIMbus® and I2S interfaces

21ic News Wolfson Microelectronics Co., Ltd. announced that it has launched a highly flexible high-definition audio hub (HD Audio Hub) with WM8997, which has a synchronous SLIMbus® and I2S interface designed for cost-effective solutions. Designed to deliver superior HD audio for smartphones and other portable devices.

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Wolfson releases cost-effective HD audio hub with SLIMbus® and I2S interfaces

The WM8997 high-performance HD audio hub delivers an excellent 102dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) while consuming 6.5mW of playback power from a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to headphones for crisp, crisp voice calls and excellent The tone of the audio recording and music playback. Its synchronous SLIMbus® and I2S interface capabilities provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with platform architecture flexibility to support stand-alone audio digital signal processors (DSPs) and ensure that the same audio solution can be reused on any platform No need to consider the audio interface; this saves development costs and time, and provides an easy-to-integrate, non-obsolete solution.

The WM8997 digital core will include fixed-function signal processing units such as filters, equalizers, dynamic processors and sample rate converters, combined with a fully flexible, all-digital audio mixing and routing engine to deliver outstanding application scenarios. flexibility. It also supports voice and gesture control, as well as the use of digital pens. The WM8997 supports up to four microphone inputs, each of which can be analog or pulse density modulated (PDM) digital.

John Forsyth, vice president of product management at Wolfson Audio Solutions, said: "The WM8997 is the latest addition to Wolfson's award-winning audio hub series, which represents a highly flexible, cost-effective solution for mobile devices; The ultimate in high-definition audio performance for any function, such as voice calls, recording audio, or listening to music on a mobile device; thus helping OEMs further differentiate their products in the marketplace."


Small batch samples of the WM8997 are now available in a W-CSP package.

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