Consumers buy home appliances in hidden traps

Consumers buy home appliances in hidden traps "TV buy back, no additional money to buy some accessories will not be able to use." Recently, Jinan citizens feel very troubled after the purchase of home appliances, the original he encountered the appliance industry's "implicit consumption" trap, in advance without knowledge The situation is forced to charge twice.

Recently, Mr. Yang broke the news to the media. He purchased a Sony brand color TV set at a home appliance store in Jinan on December 9 last year. At that time, the salesperson introduced the color TV's three features: built-in set-top box, capable of watching 3D, and access to the Internet. After the installation, the staff informed Mr. Yang that the TV needs to open the network and purchase the STB kilobit, which requires payment of RMB 320.

Mr. Yang believes that the salesperson concealed the facts when introducing the goods and damaged his own interests. To this end, he went to the Consumer Association to make a complaint. According to Jinan Consumers Association staff, because the mall salesperson did not take the initiative to inform consumers of the need for fees when introducing the goods, which led to disputes. The Consumer Council staff reminded consumers that when they purchase home appliances, they must be sure if they still need additional charges. It is best for sales personnel to make written commitments on sales invoices. If the consumer finds that the business does not expressly indicate the charge item and then asks for the fee, he or she may complain to the consumer association or the industrial and commercial department according to law.

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