The 25th anniversary of the birth of the programming language Perl

The 25th anniversary of the birth of the programming language Perl So far, the 25th anniversary of the birth of programming language Perl! On December 18, 1987, Larry Wall released Perl 1.0, a scripting language that draws on the features of multiple programming languages ​​such as C, sed, awk, and shell scripting, integrates regular expression features, and a huge third-party code base CPAN. . In short, Perl is as powerful as C, and is as convenient as script description languages ​​such as awk and sed.

Perl is called "Practical Extraction and Report Language". Perl 5, released in 1994, is the most important version, and it is still under development. Perl 6, which was developed in 2000, completely rewritten Perl, and the release date has not yet been determined.

According to the December 2012 programming language list released by Tiobe, Perl ranked ninth.

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