LED industry digging the corner door to the brain drain of talented people in Taiwan

The frequent circulation of scientific and technological talents across the Taiwan Strait has long been known to the industry. In particular, the semiconductor and panel industries that have accumulated many years of experience in Taiwan are the targets of the outside world. In the past two years, the competitiveness of the mainland industry has begun to receive attention, including AUO and Jingdian all clamoring to modify the business secret law to protect Taiwan's sensitive technology. However, in the case of the present to date, there is still a distance from the conviction.

In October this year, AUO sued two former high-end R&D supervisors for stealing and leaking business secrets, causing an uproar. The senior associate of the AUO Display Technology Development Center and the manager of the OLED Technology Department, Wang Yifan, left in July last year and immediately transferred to the mainland TCL Group. AUO staff found that there was a large amount of information stored before leaving the company to assist TCL development. Advanced key technologies such as AMOLED and mass production.

However, at the beginning of the reconnaissance, although the pool and Wang Yifan were restricted from leaving Hong Kong, after the investigation, it was found that AUO provided insufficient information on relevant industrial technology, and the law did not effectively regulate the "sensitive technology". Therefore, it is considered that there is no need to restrict the departure of Hong Kong. Therefore, the two-person limit order was lifted.

The former director of the R&D department of TSMC, Liang Mengsong, was dug by South Korea's Samsung. In order to protect key technology secrets, TSMC pleaded with Mr. Liang Mengsong a "temporary temporary state penalty", and banned its former R&D department director Liang Mengsong, leaking business secrets and research and development. member list. The Intellectual Property Court ruled that due to the violation of the constitutional right to work, Liang Mengsong could change jobs to work for Samsung, but he could not disclose business secrets, and could not provide information on R&D personnel and refer them to Samsung.

Also last year, the mainland LED leading factory Sanan, the big action digging angle Taiwan Leijing factory Jingdian about 108 employees. This year, it has formed an alliance and it is a threat to Taiwan's LED industry.

However, although the situation of Taiwan's semiconductor and optoelectronic talents is serious, there is no effective way to prevent it. According to the previous examples, most of them are difficult to identify, and in the end they are often gone. If you only pay a fine, you will end up paying things, and you can't effectively prevent the outflow of technology.

The technology industry believes that avoiding core technology outflows is the key to maintaining industrial competitiveness. Therefore, technical anti-blocking between countries is also highly valued. In the United States and South Korea, for example, if you disclose business secrets, you will be severely punished. For example, the threshold for US commercial espionage is 10 to 15 years. South Korea even appeared at the airport to catch people, it is worthy of Taiwan's reference.

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