What kind of lamp is the most durable?

We can't do without the lights in our daily life, especially at night or in places where the light is darker. It depends on the lights. What kind of lamps are the most durable? Liu Nan, the host of this program, will be able to answer this question with us. Liu Nan and Duan Yi first interviewed the people around the question about what kind of light bulbs were durable. The conclusions reached were three answers: incandescent, energy-saving and LED. Then the host Liu Nan introduced us to the specific standards of durability and found Wu Wenfeng of the Guangdong Provincial Lighting Association to do the experiment. The experimental results show that the LED lamp has the longest service life. After that, the host and the segment translators tested several major factors affecting the service life of the lamp through several small experiments: voltage, heat, vibration, water, etc., and finally concluded that the LED lamp has the longest service life and the most durable. . CN/C22487/classpage/video/20110602/101281.shtml&tai=kejiao&configPath=http://kejiao.cntv.cn/nettv/Library/discovery/player/config.xml&widgetsConfig=http://js.player.cntv.cn/xml/widgetsConfig/kejiao.xml&languageConfig=http://kejiao.cntv.cn/nettv/Library/discovery/player/zh_cn.xml&hour24DataURL=&outsideChannelId=channelBugu&videoCenterId=0d5150c5f1b540fa3cd56f9398e7524b" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" menu="false" quality="best" bgcolor="#000000" name="v_player_cctv" src="http://player.cntv.cn/standard/cntvOutSidePlayer.swf?v=2.0.2012.09.28" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" lk_mediaid="lk_juiceapp_mediaPopup_1257416656250" lk_media="yes">

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