Car audio installation manual

Before deciding to install a car stereo, it is best to know some common sense, which is definitely beneficial to you.

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Purchase article

For driver friends, it is very difficult to buy a good car stereo. At present, the profit of the car audio market is attractive. Many of the technicians in the roadside shops have not undergone professional installation training. The installed car audio often has various faults, which brings great hidden dangers to driving safety. So, how to choose a safe car audio and scientifically install and effectively maintain it? Recently, the reporter visited some car audio stores and industry insiders, they reminded everyone to start with three chapters, you will easily have a set of car audio .

In the face of the market's dazzling array of sounds, it is easy to be overwhelmed. There are some basic rules to follow.

1. According to your own taste and economic affordability

Know what the specific cost of this expenditure is, because good sound naturally has a good price. In high-end luxury cars, there are generally more professional high-end stereos, among which European and American products are better, and their sound quality and tone are more professional than Japanese products. However, some well-known car audio brands in Japan have also launched some fever brands to compete with Europe and the United States. Although the performance is good, but the price is really amazing, it is absolutely real, its indicators can reach the values ​​listed on the brand name and can be used continuously for a long time. If you choose mid-range audio equipment, it is not a Japanese product, and its brand accounts for 2/3 of professional car audio equipment. The price and performance ratio are worthwhile, and from the completeness of the function and the appearance of the shape, decoration and craftsmanship, it is also the European and American products can not compete with it.

2. To recognize whether it is a real brand

Nowadays, there are many merchants operating car audio equipment on the market. In order to avoid buying a set of counterfeit and shoddy products, it is best to see whether the merchant has the designated agent license authorized by the brand audio equipment manufacturer, and whether there is after-sales service capability and quality. Three guarantees of commitment. No matter how good the product is, there is no guarantee that there will be no problems during operation. In order to solve the problem of car audio maintenance and troubleshooting, when purchasing the audio, pay attention to whether the selected audio brand has a professional certified after-sales service station. Only the audio brand with perfect after-sales service can guarantee the professional and convenient maintenance service of the car's audio in case of failure.

3. Consider the power amplifier capability of the host

Try to use the power amplifier to indicate the power of the speaker. Because the power amplifier is small, it is easy to burn out when using high-power output for a long time, and it may cause malfunctions such as poor sound quality and distortion. For example, the sum of the indicated powers of all the speakers is 100 watts, then the power of the power amplifier should be between 100 and 150 watts to have a good match.

4. To understand the performance of the speaker

The performance difference between mid-to-high-end consoles is not too great, and the difference in speakers is surprisingly large. A horn is marked with a power of several hundred watts, which makes many insiders confused. Many speakers only need to use a power of 1/10 of their power to try for a few minutes, then I am afraid that it will take white smoke.

5. To listen to the sound quality, tone effect

When auditioning, it is best to find a few representative songs, music, percussion and other discs to identify the authenticity of various sound effects, and then determine whether to buy.

6. Keep the product invoice and maintenance certificate

In order to avoid unnecessary disputes and protect your rights and interests, please pay attention to the invoice and maintenance certificate of the product.


4 points must be remembered

Pay attention to the correct installation of car audio, car audio is not like home audio, no longer move after putting it. The road conditions of the car are ever-changing, and the strong vibration during driving can cause the body to shake, making the laser head unable to perform normal scanning, jumping wires or even damaging the laser head. Therefore, it is very important to choose which audio store to install scientifically. Insiders suggest that car audio is best bought and installed in the same store, so the problem is relatively easy to solve.

1. Choose a large-scale professional store

Try to choose a large car audio professional store, generally have a strong car audio store brand, a well-known car audio brand companies will generally choose a strong, large-scale store as the designated point of sale of their products. Here, the display of the audio is in order, you can choose it yourself.

2. Be sure to have audition equipment

If you have basically selected a car audio store, it is very important to check whether there is a professional audition equipment or an audition car. Because it is only through a professional audition device before the car audio is installed. In order to determine the quality of the selected sound quality.

3. Be sure to do professional tuning

There is a saying in the industry: car audio effects are not bought, but designed and installed. It can be seen that the importance of designing, installing and debugging in the audio installation process. The same host, several speakers, several wires, different installation workers, the effect will be very different. In order to improve the environment that the owner listens to, the professional store will carry out scientific installation design of the vehicle. After installation, the professional test equipment will be used for tuning, so that the effects of all audio equipment can be optimized.

4. The installer must have a qualification certificate

Installation personnel such as "Sony" of internationally renowned car audio must pass the assessment and obtain the "Car Audio Installation and Construction Qualification Certificate" before they can be employed. Unqualified installation and construction personnel can not only make the equipment play its due effect, but even destroy the related equipment of the original automobile.

Maintenance articles

5 measures can't be forgotten

After your car audio is purchased and installed, you can enjoy the music in your car comfortably! When you encounter a traffic jam, high-quality CD surround sound, a series of musical notes, the impatience is immediately It will disappear. However, the dirt and dust in the city is the biggest enemy of your car's audio, so you should pay attention to the frequent cleaning and maintenance of car audio.

1. Always wipe with a moist cotton swab

The pinch roller of the cassette player in the audio and the head of the CD player are places where dust is easily accumulated. The most important part of the CD player is the laser head. Because the laser head is a fragile part and expensive, it should be emphasized. Although some car audio systems are currently considered to be dust-proof during the design process, protective measures are also necessary. You can often wipe the cassettes, cassettes, and disc slots of the CD player and the panel of the audio system with a moist cotton swab. The correct way is to gently suck the dust down with a damp cloth. As for the cleaning of the buttons and knobs, the cotton swab can be used again.

2. Clean the tape and disc with the cleaning tool

In addition to keeping the main unit of the audio clean, tapes and CDs must be clean. The dirt on the tape and the disc not only affects the sound quality of the playback, but even damages the sound. When the head of the CD player is running at high speed, if it encounters dust, the head will deviate from the original laser track, causing distortion of the sound and causing damage to the magnetic head. It is understood that tape and disc cleaning tools are available in most video stores.

3. Always check the tightness of the tape

Speakers cannot be ignored. Its grid cover is a very easy place to accumulate dust, which will reduce the volume of the speaker. Before listening to music, it is best to check the tightness of the tape. If it is loose, use a pen to wind it up. When it is tight, use a rewind to relax it. If the tape is not used or shut down for a long time, it is best to quit the tape for a long time, which may cause the pinch roller to deform.

4. Slowly put the disc to change the disc

Winter is a high-risk period for car audio laser head damage, because the climate is dry and it is easy to generate static electricity. When you put the plate, it is best not to touch it directly with your hands. Do not take the middle. Slowly put it in. Try not to change the plate frequently. Try to light it when you put it on the plate.

5. Do not suddenly put the volume to the maximum

In the use of the audio, avoid suddenly turning the volume to the maximum, so that the horn coil will burn, which will affect the power amplifier. The sudden increase of the amplitude will also burn the power amplifier.

When you have a comprehensive understanding of the above audio from purchase, installation to maintenance, is it a lot of practical? Of course, in the specific implementation process, specific problems must be analyzed, only then, you can really have a Satisfactory audio equipment makes the boring journey a romantic and colorful journey.


Five minefields should be vigilant

Audio conversion has gradually become an extremely important part of car modification. Visiting several car decoration stores in Beijing, almost all sizes can provide audio modification services. In order to save money or save trouble, many people just look for a store to "change it", and most of the audio is installed. It is not "good". Wherever the problem lies, listen to the reminders of professionals:

1. Installed fake equipment

There are many counterfeit brand-name audio equipments on the market, and there are also many domestically produced miscellaneous audio equipments that have not passed the technical appraisal or the national quality standards. The technical indicators of such equipment are very low, the quality is very poor, some machines have noise when they are turned on, and there is background noise when playing music. This is the poor signal-to-noise ratio, which is caused by poor quality circuits, and there are still hidden dangers. .

Some owners have installed a set of stereos at a lower price. It seems that there are a lot of equipment installed, but they are basically fake products. Such equipment generally has no technical indicators, some have no place of origin and manufacturers, and some pretend to be brand-name products of the United States and Japan. Sound systems using these product combinations must have noise and distortion of the music signal. Moreover, these products have poor frequency response, and there must be defects in playing music. It is impossible to fully express the music, especially the active subwoofer is installed, which makes the overall music sense confusing and even ambiguous. Good sound quality should be high, medium and low-level, and clear and transparent.

How to identify the fakeness of audio equipment? 1. Look at the package for detailed instructions, origin, manufacturers, specifications, etc.; 2. Whether there is a distribution authorization; 3. The key is whether the sound quality meets the equipment's indicators; How the system sounds.

2. The installed equipment is a low-end product

Although it is a brand-name product, each brand has low, medium and high-grade equipment. Generally, the price of low-end equipment is very cheap. For example, a low-end single-disc CD player plus two pairs of low-end speakers, the price is more than 1,000 yuan. It seems that brand-name products are easy to accept, but this is often a place where some businesses are easy to take advantage of. Customers only see brand-name products, do not know that it is a low-end product, do not know the equipment does not match, especially low-end speakers or even no high-pitched head, generally used to support low-power tape drives, power Smaller, higher sensitivity, distortion will occur when the volume is slightly larger. It is difficult to express the sound quality of the CD player. The main performance is worse in the high-pitched area, hoarse and harsh, and the control of the bass is poor. Sometimes it will be " Shooting, the sound is "puff, flutter". Therefore, consumers must comprehensively examine the various indicators of audio when purchasing.

3. The installed equipment does not match

Not a brand-name equipment will definitely produce good results. One customer installed equipment is a famous brand, and the speakers are installed with twelve, including three bass and three power amplifiers. The volume is not loud, and there is noise. The calculation of the low speaker design size also has errors. The most important thing is that the equipment is not properly matched, the equipment is used improperly, and the installation and debugging techniques are very poor. It is for these reasons that the overall system is not working. After re-matching and installation, although the original equipment is basically used, the sound effect is completely new.

A good sound system configuration is not only a simple match, but also the main purpose is to give full play to the role of each device and tap the potential of the equipment. Others think that it is good to use the same brand of equipment. Here, by the way, what is "fever"? Not using the best equipment is "fever", it should be using some good quality equipment, but the price is not necessarily Very expensive, through reasonable matching, professional installation, careful debugging, so that the equipment to play the best effect, beyond the value of the equipment itself, and even compared with the effect of brand-name equipment, this is the "fever."

4. Installation technology and process are poor

Car audio is a semi-finished product that needs to be installed by people who have been trained in car audio to ensure the quality of the sound. Some shops use untrained personnel. The general installation is simply to connect the equipment, the sound field is positioned incorrectly, the phase is wrong, and the amplifier is not installed with insurance, which will cause a fire. The installation speed is fast, it is not carried out according to the standard process, the wire used is poor, the workmanship is rough, and the result is poor sound quality, high failure rate and short service life of the equipment. The consequence of being cheap is to make a cut in the installation. 5. Unskilled debugging technology

Generally speaking, people in the car audio industry have lower cultural level and less knowledge of car audio theory. It is generally a simple matter to install car audio. In fact, if you want to install a good sound system, he must have comprehensive The quality and theory, with automotive circuits, electrical principles, acoustic principles, installation technology, music theory and so on. As the saying goes: "The insider listens to the doorway, the layman listens to the excitement." Some people think that the sound is loud and the bass is heavy. The real good sound should be no distortion when the volume is loud, and the sound is transparent and the bass is not. Scattered. Some installers don't even understand the instructions for using the equipment, they don't use the equipment, they haven't heard the real instrument sounds such as the symphony, how to correct the sounds? How can I hear the problem? How can the sound system produce good results? This requires the debugger to be an audiophile, and the sound system will be adjusted to the best state when tuning. So debugging is the last important part of installing the sound system.

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