"Ocean cloud in the sea" November 21 broadcast where you can see

The “Music of the Sea and the Pastoral Clouds” is known as a large-scale oriental magical TV show. It is also expected by many audiences. However, the broadcast of “The Pastoral Clouds at Sea” can also be described as twists and turns. The "Mu-Yun Kee" was finally scheduled to open on November 21st and became a form of online play. So where can this “Middle Sea Clouds” be seen? It is reported that the "Middle Clouds at Sea" will be landing iqiyi, Youku, Tencent video broadcast simultaneously. Like this friend of the "Middle of the Sea," remember not to miss it! “The Clouds at Sea and the Pastures” tells the story of the end of the DPRK and the three-hundred-year covenants of the Mutian royal family and Mu Rushi’s family were cracked by a prophecy. Prophecy said that the six princes of the pastoral cloud (Huang Xuan ornaments) will be chaos in the world, and Mu Ruhanjiang (Dou Yu ornaments) will become the future emperor. The local forces represented by Muyun (Wang Qianyuan) and Muyun De (Zhang Xiaochen) conspired to seize the opportunity to seize power and therefore did not hesitate to cooperate with evil forces. Prince Edward Hussein does not love Jiangshan and does not believe in the destiny. He would rather sacrifice his power to pursue true love. Mu Rujiang was born in the city and his parents were in the market. They liked freedom and wanted to guard the order. After hardships and hardships, they finally returned to the family. Shuo Feng and Ye (Monday decoration) lost their loved ones and tribes in the battle with Mu Ru Tie. After the baptism of blood and fire, the separation of life and death, the warmth of human feelings, and the collision of power, he came from an avenger. Become the king of spades. Can we use the smart TV to watch this drama? The answer is of course yes! In fact, Tencent Video has launched a smart TV application called “Aurora Cloud Aurora” for smart TV users, which brings together the content resources of Tencent’s video. Therefore, as long as we install this cloud audio-visual aurora in the smart TV, we can watch the “Middle of the Pastoral Cloud at Sea” through the smart TV. So how to install this cloud audio and video aurora? Look at the author for your introduction. Cloud audio and video aurora Download address: Direct link [Cloud Audio/Aurora] installation method: 1. Download the video application installation package on the computer and copy it to the U disk. U disk insert smart product USB interface 2. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port of the smart TV or TV box. File Management Interface 3, enter the multimedia interface in the smart TV or TV box, find the video application installation package, click to open the installation, according to the system prompts to install. Of course, if everyone likes the content of Youku or iQIYI, you can also download CIBN cool movie or lychee TV, so that you can also watch the “Middle of the Sea and herding clouds” through smart TV!