The new development of domestic transformer: power electronic transformer instead of electromagnetic distribution transformer

Study how to use power electronics technology to transform and control power, and use power electronic transformers instead of conservative electromagnetic distribution transformers. There are various circuit types such as single-phase conversion and three-phase conversion. This power electronic transformer can be used not only in the high-voltage and high-current power fields, but also in high-voltage or low-voltage low-current fields, such as some high-voltage power generators and small ones. Power regulator power supply.

In recent years, the prices of core data and conductive data used in electronic transformers in power supplies have continued to rise. Upstream raw materials form the seller's market. As a power supply user of downstream electronic transformers, they can select and purchase globally to form a buyer's market. In the middle of the electronic transformer industry, only take the road of technological innovation, talent to get rid of this dilemma. However, technological innovation is more difficult in the naive electronics transformer industry. However, the improvement of every small link can bring new ideas and new products.

Foreign countries have used this information to manufacture high-frequency power transformers and inductors. Polymer soft magnetic composite materials have developed rapidly in recent years. And establish a corresponding analysis theory and design program. According to the author's knowledge, though research and development of polymer soft magnetic materials have been conducted in China, there have been no reports of electronic transformers used in power supplies.

The copper wire is in the outer layer, and various aluminum wires for electronic transformers in power supplies are now being developed in China. Some companies have developed copper-clad aluminum wires. The total area of ​​15% is 3.63g/cm3. Considering the watch-effect and proximity effects, the resistivity of this copper-clad aluminum wire will be much smaller than that of pure aluminum wire, and the cost will not increase much. An abundant use of copper and aluminum. The composite data of the effect.

High temperature index and high heat-resistant grade 180 polyesterimide QZY enameled wire and 220 polyimide QYZ enameled wire are used. The allowable current density of the wire increases, the diameter of the wire decreases, the amount of copper used decreases, and the area of ​​the core window decreases. Another notable development trend. The amount of iron used is also reduced, which can reduce the overall cost. Especially for small-frequency high-frequency low-power power transformers, the use of more heat-resistant enameled wire, can show more technical and economic benefits.

An AC voltage conversion technology that is included in the electronic transformer, power supply technology and power electronics technology of the tunnel. It can also convert the low voltage to high voltage for boost conversion, or convert the high voltage to low voltage to perform step-down conversion. The main method is to use Power electronics technology improves the frequency of power conversion, thereby reducing the size of the transformers and inductors in the circuit, not eliminating the transformers and inductors.In the past, this method of combining power electronic circuits and electronic transformers has not caused enough. The importance attached.

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