Power Integrations Introduces LED Design Selector with Reference Design

LED driver IC manufacturer Power Integrations has introduced an online selection tool that allows users to quickly find the power supply reference design that best suits their LED lighting applications. The LED Design Selector allows engineers to enter simple selection criteria to provide the best choice from the Power Integrations LED Lighting Reference Design Options Library.

Initially, basic items such as application and power level are determined. The LED design selector allows users to quickly and easily see the optimized results after screening. For example, the new LED design selector eliminates the laborious process of screening multiple designs while evaluating the utility of isolated and non-isolated architectures or power ranges. Once you've entered your new data, you'll see the best solution right away, giving designers a quick and thoughtful choice.

According to Power Integrations, LED design selectors are the best tool for lighting designers to create the most suitable LED driver for multiple electrical and physical design requirements. With this new tool, designers can quickly identify the best design method and clearly understand the pros and cons of the design.


Lawn lamp design mainly exterior and downy lamplight add security for urban green space landscape and beautiful, and generally has the characteristic such as easy installation, adornment sex is strong, can be used for park, garden villas, square, greening, greening of the place such as decorative lighting.

gas lawn lamps

Product features

1. The lamp body is made of aluminum alloy with the column in high strength 

2. Static powder spray coating process with many different colors for options

3. The LED lighting modules give the highest lighting output to produce the optiumum light beam control and visual comfort.

4. Protection:IP54

5. Heart radiation structure design for lighting assembly,greatly enhancing the stability and lifespan of the lamp.

6. LED Lighting columns with RGB and change program comprising artistic design elements.

7. Reasonable design for assembling and disassembling,convenient for installation and maintenance.


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