Small appliances with functional coats sold at astronomical prices

Small appliances with functional coats sold at astronomical prices Rice cookers, coffee makers, air purifiers, etc. These appliances are small in power and volume, commonly known as "small appliances." However, in the current home appliance market, the price of small household appliances is not "small", and some even reach tens of thousands.

The impression of small appliances is only a few hundred dollars, but the author recently found in large-scale home appliance chain stores, the name of health and other functional brands of high-priced home appliances everywhere: the price of thousands of air humidifier, nearly million smart microwave oven .

The price of small home appliances:

1. Businesses are selling value-added products. After comparing these high-priced household appliances, they will find that they are promoting one or more functions, such as keeping rice cookers, claiming that they can ensure that the rice's nutrients are retained during the cooking process. Imported microwave ovens, in addition to the traditional microwave heating, barbecue function, the biggest highlight is the intelligence, there are "promoting blood circulation" of the razor, can determine the temperature of the air humidifier, talking bread machine and so on.

The intelligent route of small household appliances can not only increase the added value of products, but also avoid the homogenization of the route, and more selling points will also attract consumers.

2. The pursuit of fashion household appliances by young consumer groups Looking at consumer groups in the high-priced home appliance market, most of them are young and fashionable. After 80s, compared with their parents, these young people spend a small amount of time on housework, occasionally. Will be a meal, but the value of the food is not at all ambiguous, so the home appliance's fashion and intelligence requirements are high. According to the survey, the majority of young people living in sub-health state are in good health. The hot selling of small home appliances with health benefits also reflects young people's concern for their own health.

3. Consumers' pursuit of higher quality of life In addition to the above-mentioned support of high value-added and young consumer groups, another reason why Tianjiao sells small home appliances is that people are paying more and more attention to quality of life. Compared with high purchase costs, consumers are more willing to use their money to exchange for higher quality of life, while high-priced home appliances can improve their quality of life. With the improvement of people's living standards, high-end small appliances have gradually entered the families of ordinary people.

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