Annual production of 16 million pieces of Jiujiang Saiyu sapphire substrate project officially put into operation

[High-tech LED News] (Reporter/Tang Guirong reports) On November 20th, the anniversary of the establishment of Jiujiang Saiyu Sapphire Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Celebrity") and the commissioning ceremony were officially held. 22 sets of 100 kg grade crystal growth furnaces were officially opened. Put into production. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Dean of the Higher Industry Research Institute, and Gao Gong LED reporter were invited to participate in the ceremony.

According to the reporter, the total investment of the Saiyu sapphire project is 3 billion yuan, of which the first phase investment is 530 million yuan. The project plans to install 200 crystal growth furnaces to build an annual production capacity of 16 million sapphire substrate production lines. According to the plan, by the beginning of 2012, the 58 crystal growth furnaces ordered by Celluloid to GTAT will be put into production. In an exclusive interview with Gao Gong LED reporter, the chairman of the company, Qi Zhiwei, said that the company's sapphire products will be mainly used in LED, medical, aviation and other fields, of which LED will occupy the most important part.

The picture shows the celluloid ceremony

According to the reporter, the celluloid was established on December 17, 2010, covering an area of ​​248 acres and a building area of ​​130,000 square meters. As of press time, the company's auxiliary equipment for 58 sapphire growth furnaces, including ingot opener, grinding machine and crowbar machine, have arrived. The water and electricity facilities of No. 3 plant currently used for crystal growth have also been completed and officially put into operation.

The picture shows the celluloid sapphire production workshop

Zhai Zhiwei told Gaogong LED reporter that in the future, Celluloid will also vertically integrate the LED industry chain to effectively reduce costs. In view of the current overcapacity of LED sapphire and its downstream lighting market, Zhai Zhiwei said that LED lighting products are expected to become truly popular in 2018. For Saiqi, in the next few years, we will focus on improving internal strength, reducing costs and improving product quality in order to cope with future market competition.

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