Yajiang Optoelectronics provides LED lamps for Westin Hotel

[High-tech LED News] It is reported that Yajiang Optoelectronics High Power LED was selected as the lighting supplier for the Westin Hotel Building Facade Lighting Project.

In the choice of lighting products, Yajiang Optoelectronics selected the company's LED linear floodlights and LED linear soft lights. These products are trendy, powerful LED wall washers and floodlights, all of which have passed CE and ETL certifications, built-in power supply and drive, support DMX512 control protocol, maximum luminous flux up to 4000lm, easy to install, safe and stable, IP level meets On-site use environment, good consistency, high efficiency, good optical effect and heat dissipation performance, suitable for use under all weather conditions.

The company also customizes the size of all lamps according to the size characteristics of the metal ribs of the curtain wall. The length of the lamps varies, and the shortest length of the LED flexible lamps is only 15CM. Finally, the company also customized a well-concealed full-color linear LED luminaire for this project.

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