Alps Electric exhibits transparent plastic lens array for LED lighting

[High-tech LED News] Alps Electric exhibited a transparent plastic lens array for LED lighting that allows light to be directed to a narrow range at CEATEC JAPAN 2011.

The array exhibited this time is formed by a collection of 10 x 6 vertical lenses. The light from the LED below the lens array can be seen from directly above, but the light is not visible if it is slightly squinted. The array is made of an acrylic resin, but if the material is a transparent plastic that can be injection molded, there is no particular limitation. The surface is spherical and the inner side is prismatic. The operating temperature range is 0 to +65 ° C, and the storage temperature range is -30 to +80 ° C.

The array is realized by manufacturing a high precision mold using micromachining technology. Alps Electric pointed out that it is especially important to have a uniform flow of molten plastic during molding. Uneven flow affects optical properties and does not fully possess directivity.

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