Taiwan established "countersuit fund" for international patent wars in industries such as LED

[High-tech LED News] Taiwan Industrial Research Institute recently announced that the international patent war against science and technology is intensifying. IP Bank will be established in September to help Taiwanese manufacturers meet the international patent war. Initial investment of NT$200 million is expected to be officially launched in mid-October, and a counter-claim fund will be established within six months, raising a minimum of NT$500 million.

The Industrial Research Institute said that the counter-claims fund is mainly to assist the industry to obtain favorable patent rights when it is in the patent war, assisting the industry to lock in the hottest display, smart phones, energy, medical equipment and green materials. , smart TV, LED and other industries.

ITRI ​​said that Taiwan hopes to have enough tools in the patent war. Emerging industries have not yet been released by leading manufacturers. At this moment, the company has advanced patents in the layout and seized the opportunity.

ITRI ​​pointed out that after joining the bank, the industry does not have to authorize the company's patents to the company. Only those who join the bank must avoid using bank patents to tell each other. The banks themselves use patents and patents to make profits.

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