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If there is no lighting in the living room, the color of the living room will be greatly reduced. Therefore, after the purchase of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and cabinets, we are now approaching the lighting fixtures.

Speaking of lighting fixtures, according to my understanding, each room has different needs due to their different functions. Specifically, it can be designed according to the idea that the configuration of the living room lamps should be conducive to creating a warm and warm environment, so that the guests feel at home. Generally, a main body lamp is installed in the center of the room, and a floor lamp is placed on the side of the sofa. It is better to install a three-watt energy-saving lamp on the same side of the TV. When watching TV, the visual fatigue is reduced. However, living rooms with floor heights below 2.7 m should not be fitted with chandeliers, and ceiling lamps can make the room look taller. The living room illumination requirements are high, and the light source can be selected from three primary color fluorescent lamps.

The study is a place to work and study at home. It requires a high illumination. For a study of about 15 square meters, the power of the main lamp can be: 30-40 watts for fluorescent lamps and 100 watts for incandescent lamps. The local lighting fixtures used on the desks, the incandescent lamp power is best at 60 watts.

The bedroom is a space for sleep and rest. It should give people a feeling of quietness and leisure. Avoid dazzling light and dazzling lighting. Some friends are used to reading in bed, bedside lamps are best to adjust the brightness and angle. The simple method is to install two lights, one bright and one dark.

The humidity of the bathroom is relatively large, and the lamps should have the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof and rust-free, and the insulation performance of the lamps should be good. The light source can generally adopt an incandescent lamp with a high color rendering index.

Kitchen fume is relatively large, often need to wipe, choose the type that is easy to clean, glass or enamel lampshade, and then equipped with moisture-proof lamp mouth, install partial lighting under the cabinet of the whole cabinet to increase the illumination of the console.

Understand the functional requirements of the lighting of each room, let us continue to visit the lighting market. Nowadays, the refurbishment of lamps on the market is endless, the round sides are flat, the hanging hanging is embedded, the dark green is white and transparent, so which one is suitable?

The color of the lamp should obey the color of the whole room. In order not to damage the overall color design, you must pay attention to the color of the lampshade and the outer casing of the lamp to be harmonious with the color of the wall, furniture and curtains.

It is best not to have too luxurious and fancy lamps for families with tight room, as this will increase the crowd. The auxiliary light for local illumination is also the same as the main light. In addition to considering the beauty of the exterior, it is also important to pay attention to its lighting effect. The maximum applicable power of a luminaire is easily overlooked and should be carefully confirmed at the time of purchase.

The final step is to select the light source for the fixture. There are a wide variety of light sources that are suitable for home use, and incandescent lamps are warm light sources with a yellowish color. Ordinary fluorescent lamps are cold light sources with a bluish color. In addition, the three-color fluorescent lamps on the market that are similar to natural light colors, energy-saving fluorescent lamps, and the variety of light colors are also very rich, both warm and cold colors, you have a lot of choice. When purchasing a light source, it is necessary to clearly identify the color temperature. In the home, it is best to use a warm light with a color temperature of about 3000K. The higher the color temperature index, the more blue and white. Ok, go home and go to the lights!

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